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Impf-Uhr [Vaccination Clock]

Impf-Uhr [Vaccination Clock]
developed by Dr. Ursula Kramer a pharmacist at Sanawork, member of Präventions Partner, a collaboration of academics, universities, companies and other associations which aim improve preventive medicine with technology.

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Diary scheduling due vaccination dates and supports people managing their vaccinations.
“Not only to in terms of music and fashion, smartphones are a good choice, even when it comes to vaccination (especially among young people), as a mobile phone can be a great help. Since February 2011, you can download an app about vaccination. It is a vaccine clock that informs the user about constantly-updated data from the Robert Koch Institut regarding the necessary vaccinations. A pharmacist has developed this app.”, fitness, health and nutrition information portal and online community, Germany |

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Vacunas 3.0

Vacunas 3.0
developed by Everyware Technologies (spin-off of the University of Granada)


English / German / Spanish

Cost: Free

Provides information on vaccines and vaccination.

"Offers information on infant-immunisation schedules (and recommendations), schedules for adults, travel vaccines, official vaccination centres. Currently underway is a programmable calendar, carrying data for each user (age, sex, previous immunisations, etc)." Representative of Hospital de Alta Resolucion El Toyo, Spain | PatientView survey 2012-2013

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)

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