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Health Direct

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Australian app including health information, symptom and treatment checkers.

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General information wherever English is spoken. Full functionality in Australia, including finding local healthcare and fast contact for emergencies.




Health Direct
(Based in Australia)


As developer, with funding from the Australian government

Medical Adviser

As developer


Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends
Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
Information Information


Although designed for the Australian healthcare system, some of its comprehensive information is relevant in other countries.

The app was developed by Healthdirect Australia, a national government-owned, not for profit organisation.

You can use the app to:

  • Check your symptoms and get advice on next steps 
  • Find a health service when and where you need it (Australia only)
  • Look up information on a range of medicines
  • Search for trusted health information.

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Reviewer: Australian Addison’s Disease Association

“The healthdirect app combines three trusted tools to help Australians make health decisions safely, quickly, and easily.

Users can check their symptoms, search for trusted health information, and find a health service at the touch of a button. There is no other Australian app that offers this unique combination of tools.

Symptom checking capability

Guides people through a set of questions to help them better understand their symptoms and receive personalised advice on what to do next, whether its self-care, see a GP or visit another health service. Read more information about the Symptom Checker.

Find a health service

At those times when you cannot see your GP, you can access the National Health Services Directory to find the closest health service that meets your needs and directions to reach it. Patients can access details about local health services such as opening hours, availability in the after-hours period, and bulk billing options.

Search for trusted information

Instant access to information on thousands of health information topics sourced from Australia’s leading health organisations.”

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