Guide for young people affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

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Guide for young people affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND)

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Guide for young people on Motor Neurone Disease (MND), with special emphasis on support when their parent has the disease.

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Motor Neurone Disease Association UK
(Based in United Kingdom)


Motor Neurone Disease Association UK

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Motor Neurone Disease Association UK


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The web app pulls together information and advice for young people, and is focused on supporting families where a parent has Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

 The app includes sections on:

  • What Motor Neurone Disease is, how it is tested, diagnosed and treated
  • What it is like to live with MND, including common symptoms
  • How MND affects the person with it, their carers and young people in their family
  • How to prepare for later stages of the disease, and death
  • Sources of support for the patient, and young people with a parent with the disease
  • A jargon buster for medical terms. 
As well as the web app, the information is available in print from the Association, and as a downloadable PDF.

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Reviewer: Webapp created by the UK patient group Motor Neurone Disease Association, and included in their online library of recommended apps
Review: “…works like an app from an app store. It lets you read our guide for young people aged up to 18 on a wide range of mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. It is free to use and best to download when you are on Wi-Fi.  It will use about 5MB of space. You can save it to your mobile to use whenever you want (If downloads are not covered in your mobile contract, you may be charged).”
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