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PBC Self Management

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App to help people with Primary Biliary Cholangitis to manage their condition.

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PBC Foundation with mtc mobile
(Based in United Kingdom)


As developer with initial funding support from Intercept Pharmaceuticals

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PBC Foundation with mtc mobile


Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends
Reminders Reminders
Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
Self-monitoring Self-monitoring
Trackers Trackers
Information Information


This app helps people with Primary Biliary Cholangitis to manage their condition and choose to share information with their care teams.

 For example, you can:

  • Record and track your symptoms such as fatigue, itching or joint pain
  • Record results of blood tests and key measures including blood pressure
  • Manage medicines and appointments
  • Track your mood
  • Keep up to date with latest PBC information, clinical trials and events
  • Prepare information when you want to share it for consultations with your care team
Choose to join a registry to share anonymised data for research.

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Reviewer: PBC Foundation, the UK patient group which developed the app.

“We are pleased to announce the release of our new and improved app, which is available free to download on Apple and Android mobile devices.

 Here’s a selection of things you can do with the new features:

  • Record your symptoms on a day-to-day basis and your biochemistry results
  • Personalise the app to you, your journey and your priorities
  • Gain full access to important information, The PBC Compendium and EASL Lay guidelines
  • View the latest information on research, patient surveys and clinical trials
  • Self-management tools that will help better manage your PBC on a daily basis.

As part of a patient community, we can drive forward progress in PBC simply by recording data on the unmet needs we face every day. With you becoming part of our international patient registry, we will be able to directly influence medial research and help pharmaceutical companies discover new treatments to help PBC sufferers.

The tools, publications, and information you record can be shared with your clinician to assist with your ongoing appointments. Everything you record will be safely stored, anonymised and protected by our digital partner MTC Media.”

Source: https://bit.ly/3n2RGyv
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Weblink of reviewer: https://bit.ly/32tRyQF

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