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App that helps people with cancer to prepare for consultations, and record answers given. 

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Rare Cancers Australia
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Rare Cancers Australia

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Rare Cancers Australia


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The charity Rare Disease Australia created the CANrecall app to help patients to:

  • understand their cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • share information, from each consultation, directly with family and friends.

You can use the app to:

  • prepare for consultations by selecting from a range of suggested questions for surgeons and oncologists
  • add your own questions and organise your question list
  • audio-record, with the consultant’s permission, their answers to each question
  • audio-record your own daily journal to record your thoughts, feelings and experience.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: Race Cancers Australia, the charity which developed the app.

“Patients diagnosed with cancer are confronted with vast quantities of life-changing information at a time of great stress. They are also under pressure to communicate details of their condition and treatment to many family and friends.


This can be a harrowing experience and the frustration of not recalling or clearly understanding a clinician’s words during a consultation can add to patient stress and anxiety. Similarly, trying to explain the diagnosis, treatment or likely outcomes to family is difficult.

By providing a structured mechanism with which to communicate questions and to record answers, the CANrecall App uses contemporary technology to assist patients at this time of great need. It will also be particularly beneficial to semi-literate or foreign language patients as it will allow them to seek medical attention and then receive later assistance from family or social workers to better understand their diagnosis and any proposed treatment therapies. 

Patients today meet with their clinicians in a manner that is virtually unchanged in the past 100 years. This despite all the growth in technology and our understanding of patients’ psychological needs. Using both technology and professionally developed Question Prompt Lists the app will significantly improve the doctor/patient interaction and the resultant patient experience.”

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