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App for people at risk of or diagnosed with bowel cancer

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Princeton Digital for Bowel Cancer Australia
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Princeton Digital for Bowel Cancer Australia

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Princeton Digital for Bowel Cancer Australia


Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends
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Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities Support to deal with symptoms/disabilities
Self-monitoring Self-monitoring
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The Bowel Cancer app was developed by the patient charity Bowel Cancer Australia. It provides up-to-date and practical information on prevention, early detection, treatment and management of bowel cancer. 

The Bowel Cancer app can help people to:

  • Understand risk factors for bowel cancer
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of bowel cancer
  • Learn how to assess individual risk and screen for bowel cancer
  • Set up annual screening reminders
  • Set up a treatment diary, including medications list, which individuals can choose to send to oncologists
  • Keep a list of notes and questions for clinicians
  • Record moods and emotions
  • Follow diet and lifestyle strategies to reduce risk of bowel cancer, supported by recipes and meal plans
  • Keep up to date with the latest bowel cancer news from around the world
  • Use the `Motivate Me’ function to keep track of diet and physical activity.

Patients in Australia can also:

  • Link to the charity’s nurse and nutrition advisory services
  • Access relevant Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) on bowel cancer medication
  • Connect with other bowel cancer patients and loved ones through Buddy Connect.

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Reviewer: Bowel Cancer Australia, the patient charity which developed and updated the app.

“In the era of personalised medicines and oral chemotherapy taken at home, Bowel Cancer Australia is getting Aussies ready for the future of patient care with a new bowel cancer app…. 

The comprehensive bowel cancer app…provides easy access to accurate information about bowel cancer, its prevention, diagnosis and management. 

"Our bowel cancer app is responding to the changing needs of bowel cancer patients and their families or carers…For example, as more oral chemotherapies become available enabling people to receive treatment at home, we expect to see a shift away from written patient treatment diaries to online diaries that can then be emailed to the patient's specialist."


"We've also designed the app to be easily personalised.  It has the capability to store screening reminders, treatment and mood diary entries and even record notes from medical appointments."

UPDATE: Bowel Cancer App 2.0

“The updated Bowel Cancer App 2.0 retains the comprehensive bowel cancer content frequently accessed in the first version of the app including the ‘Need to Know’, ‘How to Test’ ‘Living With’ and ‘Need to Ask’ sections, but also offers users additional benefits previously unavailable.

A new ‘Motivate Me’ feature enables people to monitor their diet and lifestyle on a daily basis as one way to help reduce their bowel cancer risk. Users can also connect one-to-one through the App as part of Bowel Cancer Australia’s Peer-to-Peer support and buddy network, Australia’s only national bowel cancer support group for patients and loved ones. 

Other valuable features include screening tips and tools, a list of questions to ask throughout the patient journey, a customisable treatment and mood diary, recipes and a meal planner.

Consistently featuring in the top 100 medical apps in both the App Store and Android Store, the Bowel Cancer Australia App provides users with answers to questions about bowel cancer which many people feel uncomfortable asking and continues to make it easier for people to access relevant bowel cancer information.”

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Reviewer: Bowel Cancer Australia, the patient charity which developed and updated the app

“To encourage adherence to medical guidelines and treatment compliance, we upgraded our world first, bowel cancer app. 

Designed to be as convenient and easy to use as the Bowel Screen Australia® test, the updated App 2.0 [app] operates like a personal patient navigator, providing all of the valuable resources and tools available on the charity’s website, but with the advantage of a mobile friendly display and free messaging within the Bowel Cancer Australia Peer-to-Peer Support Network.” 

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