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Digital tool helping people in crisis to ask for and coordinate practical help.

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Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends Allows networking with other people like me / Family / Friends
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Gather My Crew works by linking people in need to their own network of ‘helpers’ in a coordinated way.

The tool enables people to: 

  • identify and define the help they need via a ‘click and select’ list 
  • invite their personal network, or ‘Crew’, to lend a hand
  • coordinate the help requested through an interactive calendar that is visible to the user and their supporters.

Gather My Crew can be used to coordinate a team of helpers to assist with things like:

  • Jobs around the home
  • Medical appointments
  • Daily chores
  • Young children
  • Transport
  • Arranging an outing.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: Susan Palmer, the psychologist who founded the Gather My Crew charity, writing for the Cancer Council patient group in Australia

“It was through this personal experience that I realised how hard it is to actually coordinate specific and practical help when going through a crisis. 

Text messages, ring-arounds, spreadsheets and late night phone calls are difficult, time consuming and often just too much for someone to manage when they are already in the turmoil of a serious life crisis.

I wanted to help my friend but didn’t have the free time to coordinate all the assistance she needed with all the wonderful people who had offered to help…

…Gather My Crew is an online rostering tool that has been developed specifically to support people in crisis, to enable them to ask for and coordinate the practical help they need.

Using the expertise of people who had ‘been there, done that’, as well as the clinicians who supported them, Gather My Crew exists to make sure people going through a crisis get the right kind of help from all their well-meaning friends, family, neighbours and colleagues – without all of the stress that usually comes with coordinating help when a loved one becomes ill.

It is a way to ask for help – and then turns that help into a calendar that tracks and records who is doing what, and when. It even sends reminders and updates to keep everyone connected throughout the time the assistance is needed.

Gather My Crew is a registered charity, and the online tool is free and easy to use.” 

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Reviewer: Project Thrive, Community organisation in Australia supporting education

“We all face times of crisis which can turn life upside down and make it impossible to manage all the daily tasks that allow normal life to go on. 

Gather my crew is an online rostering tool which allows for you to gather your crew through tough times and lets them decide when and how they can help. Pure genius!”

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