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App that rewards patients for taking their medicines correctly, by making donations to patient organisations

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The DrugStar app enables patients in Denmark to:
. Win 1 `star’ each time they take their prescribed medication correctly
. Convert their `stars’ into a cash donation to a patient association
. Benefit from healthcare vouchers to help with their condition.

Patients can choose to build up `stars’ faster through other activities, for example:
• 50 stars for reviewing each of your medications
• 50 stars for signing up to news on surveys and clinical trials.

The developers say that:
. an average patient collects 1000 stars a year, which is then converted into cash donations
. in its first months the app attracted nearly 20,00 users
. ”Data from reviews (patient experiences with products) is used for scientific research and may also be sold on commercial terms to healthcare companies. This data is always used in an aggregated form and is always anonymous”

Patient organisations can:
. Take part for free
. Make use of a free profile page within the app, where patients can choose to become a member of the association, or make their own donations.

The app has already attracted Danish awards including:
. Nomination for the 2017 Denmark Bridge award
. Silver winner of 2017 Danish Digital Award for innovation startups

Available for:
. Iphone
. Apple watch
. Android

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Reviewer: Morten Jakobsen, Communications Director Diabetesforeningen Diabetes Association, Denmark
Review: “We are excited to cooperate with DrugStars, who are behind a new smart app.”
“For people with diabetes it is important to take their medicine as agreed with the doctor. We are already working on that. Now that smart technology can be combined with the opportunity to donate money to our work on diabetes, it was obvious that we were to enter into an agreement with DrugStars.”
Source: http://www.diabetes.dk/aktuelt/nyheder/nyhedsarkiv/2017/ny-app-tag-din-medicin-og-stoet-diabetessagen-helt-gratis.aspx
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://www.diabetes.dk
Reviewer: Parkinsonforeningen Parkinson’s Association, Denmark
Review: “DrugStars is a new app that donates money to the Parkinson's Association every time you remember to take your medicine-without costing you a crown. As a Drugstars user, you earn points in the form of stars when you take your medicine… The stars are switched to real money when you choose to donate them to the Parkinson Society.

An average patient collects about 1000 stars in a year. If 1000 patients do it annually, the Parkinson's Association receives 70,000 kr.

The Parkinson's Association has already received a cheque of 1800 kr. from DrugStars. The cheque is given as a starting amount, and in the long term, the Parkinson Society will receive money half-yearly after the number of stars collected.

Source: https://www.parkinson.dk/nyheder/støt-ved-tage-din-medicin
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://www.parkinson.dk

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