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NFL Play 60

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Game encouraging 9-11 year olds to do more exercise, running and jumping to lead a character through different challenges on screen.

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American Heart Association with National Football League
(Based in United States)


American Heart Association with National Football League

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American Heart Association with National Football League


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Targeted at 9-11 year olds, the app aims to make this group more physically active, contributing to the goal of reaching 60 minutes of daily activity at home and school.

Holding their smart device, they can:

. Move the character through a series of adventures on screen by jumping, running and turning
. Choose to compete with others
. Build up rewards from the developers, the American Heart Association and America’s National Football League.

Requires some space, supervision and safety precautions, as the young person moves with the device in their hands.

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Reviewer: American Heart Association, America’s oldest and largest voluntary organisation dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke.
Review: “Getting kids away from their screens and moving their bodies can be challenging…Rather than just telling kids to get physically active for 60 minutes every day, it puts a fun, useful tool in their hands to encourage them to get moving.”

“The app is an interactive game that uses gyroscope technology in the smart device that requires players to physically run, jump, pivot and turn in order to make their on-screen avatar move. Along the course, players answer health trivia questions and can collect digital coins to redeem for NFL and AHA rewards.”
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