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Headache Diary (ecoHeadache)

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Diary for people who have headaches, migraine, or ENT (ear, nose or throat) pain.

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English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Korean / Spanish

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£1.91 [approximately €2.37, $2.99]


ecoTouchMedia (Jae-Ung Yi)
(Based in Germany)


Same as technical developer.

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Diary for people who have headaches, migraine, or ENT (ear, nose or throat) pain. Tracks pain levels, symptoms, potential triggers, level of disability, and medication taken. Allows start time, end time, and duration of pain to be recorded. Pain can be documented according to location, type, and on a scale of intensity. Varying severity of pain during the course of a headache can also be noted. ‘Duplicate’ headaches—similar to those occurring before—can have their details recorded by pressing a single button. Information about medication and other forms of therapy (time, dose, and effect) can be included. Statistics can show the user's recorded information according to the last day, week, fortnight, month, multiples of months, and annually. Medication reminders can be set. The database can be backed up and restored. Results can be exported to Excel, and emailed to a doctor. (ecoHeadache is one of the three highest-scoring headache apps assessed in Huguet; Hundert; McGrath; Stinson; and Wheaton, ‘Commercially-available mobile-phone headache diary apps: a systematic review’, JMIR Mhealth and Uhealth, Aug 19th 2014; 2(3): e36.)

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Reviewer: Patient, writing on Migrainepage discussion forum, November 2011, USA
Review: “Over the last few months I have been trying out a bunch of migraine-diary apps. I am seeing a new specialist in a couple of months, and I thought I’d try these apps to export some records for him. I think the apps have potential to be useful, but I have had issues finding one with an optimal feature set. A lot of them just seem to cease development or don't implement suggestions from reviews either. Anyway, I thought I’d give some input on what I have found. … As far as actually learning something about your migraines, there is one called ‘ecoHeadache’ that so far blows away everything I have tried. It not only has extensive diary features, but a good medication and therapy database that you can easily update. It keeps track of the how well each medication and therapy worked for each attack, and creates stats on how well they are working. It also has a triggers section, symptoms, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Other apps I tried do tough on these features, but on nowhere close to this level. So, on top of keeping records for the specialist, I really think I can learn something from using this app. I am actually kind of excited about it. Another big plus is it’s one of the few apps that allows you to input headache durations in days, not just hours. I am not sure why so many apps are missing this feature when so many people’s migraines last longer than 24 hours. … A lot of the free [apps I tried] were too barebones, and the interfaces really varied as far as intuitiveness. A lot of the pay ones didn’t have a feature set that matched the ‘ecoHeadache’ one, and cost more.”
Source: http://bit.ly/1B2gt7k
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