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Tool for recording and tracking the symptoms, treatment and experience of living with haemophilia.

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Diary tool for recording and tracking the symptoms, treatment, and experience of living with haemophilia. The user can record key data about bleeds (including the duration, frequency and location), and track the consumption of factor. Details about how haemophilia affects daily personal life can be added. Recorded information is collated into reports, which can be shared with the user’s doctor. Reminders can be created for appointments or treatment times. Users can link their diary data with their other medical records on the national database of bleeding disorder treatment information run by the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN). Users must be registered with the HemaGo programme, ‘Changing Possibilities in Hemophilia’ [http://www.changingpossibilities-us.com/hemago/faq.aspx]. The app is applicable in the USA only.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: ‘A Thread of Red’, Arizona Hemophilia Association, USA
Review: “Novo Nordisk’s ‘HemaGo’ app was designed to be especially helpful for patients with inhibitors. It was developed to improve communication between haemophilia patients and their caregivers. Because treatment for inhibitors can be so complicated, the app makes it easier to keep track of all the details. The HemaGo app allows users to record information on all medications that patients are using, including over-the-counter meds. This gives doctors a better overall picture of the patient, which can help prevent possible negative interactions. HemaGo can also record how much factor is used, and the reason for each infusion. Another useful feature of HemaGo is that it lets you record other data about a bleeding episode besides just the basics. What was the level of pain? How did the bleed affect work, school, or daily life? Where was the bleed, and how long did it last? This info is valuable for evaluating treatment regimens. The data that you enter into the HemaGo app syncs with Novo Nordisk’s website, called ‘Changing Possibilities in Hemophilia’, and can be shared with doctors or healthcare teams. (The company’s website states that Novo Nordisk does not have access to patient-specific information. The company’s access is restricted to generic information—“de-identified”—in which the data has been stripped, so that the individual source cannot be identified, in accordance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules.) You can use the app to create customised reports through Changing Possibilities, and then print out or email the reports to your healthcare team. HemaGo also allows you to set up reminders on your phone for appointments or treatments, or log prophylactic treatments.”
Source: http://bit.ly/1fqJoZm
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1fqJnoe and http://bit.ly/1f2Ok3t
Reviewer: National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), USA
Review: “Novo Nordisk unveiled ‘HemaGo’, a mobile app to track haemophilia treatment, bleeding episodes, and life events. The app offers multiple profiles, so that more than one family member can use it. It helps patients track multiple medications, and set reminders for treatment or doctor’s appointments. HemaGo can also be used to record factor usage, reason for infusion, and the type, location, and duration of bleeding events. Patients can record pain scores, including the impact of the bleeding episode on their participation in work or school. Information from HemaGo syncs to Novo Nordisk’s ‘Changing Possibilities in Hemophilia’ website, where individuals have access to comprehensive reporting features, including treatment logs, bleed logs, and quality-of-life reports. The information can be shared with patients’ healthcare team, including their haemophilia treatment centre, and home healthcare company.”
Source: Source no longer available
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1f2OpEz
Reviewer: Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA), USA
Review: “ ‘HemaGo’ is a mobile app to help individuals with haemophilia and their caregivers monitor the details of treatment, including medications, dosing, bleed information, and the impact of haemophilia on life events.”
Source: http://bit.ly/1f2OHLu
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1f2OFDi
Review: Recommended by the European Haemophilia Consortium (EHC), Belgium
Source: Source no longer available
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1f2OSq3

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