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Exercise instructor and fitness-activity planner.

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Exercise instructor and fitness-activity planner. The integrated database contains over 1,000 workout exercises that include running, weight lifting, weight loss activities, and yoga. A user is coached through sessions via audio instruction by personal trainers. Each workout session contains a timer, step-by-step photographs, video instruction, and the user can choose to play music of their own in place of audio instruction. Workouts can be scheduled, with customised accompanying alerts indicating when a workout should start. Specific exercises can be searched for, or reached by browsing general areas of interest. Custom exercises can be created in the app’s multimedia and audio library. All workouts can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Tags: Health, Wellness & Care in the Community (HWCC)


Reviewer: Diabetes Forecast article in Healthy Living Magazine of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), USA
Review: “This free app features workouts led by personal trainers. The exercises, which don’t require you to use any equipment, include step-by-step photos, videos, and audio. If you don’t need audio instructions, you can play your own music while you exercise. You can track your progress on your phone, or online.”
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