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ReSound Smart
App that creates a direct connection between hearing aids and content from some android devices, iphones, ipads, ipod touch, and Apple Watch
“…what’s interesting about GN Resound is that all their wireless hearing aids…can connect to your smartphones and tablets wirelessly, allowing you to hear the tinnitus masker straight into your hearing aid. In fact, it allows you to hear any audio output from your smartphone and tablet through your hearing aid.
The GN Resound LiNX and LiNX2 premium hearing aids can directly connect to your Apple smartphones and tablets and some Android models; other hearing aid models and Android devices currently require either the GN Resound Phone Clip or the GN Resound Mini Mic as a connector.
The Phone Clip functions as a remote control in addition to connecting to your phone, allowing you to easily change the programme function on your hearing aids as well as allowing you to stream music or any other form of audio directly into the hearing aids. The Mini Mic allows you to gain better speech understanding in noisy places by reducing the distance between yourself and the sound source, allowing you to hear the speech more than the noise – similar to a loop system. The Mini Mic can also connect directly to your smart phone or any audio output socket using a wire to stream the sound directly to your hearing aids.
Other hearing aid manufacturers have similar capabilities but most require an additional bluetooth streamer to connect your hearing aids to a smartphone.”
Jesal Vishnuram, Technology Officer, Action on Hearing Loss UK |

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Tinnitus Balance

Tinnitus Balance
developed by Sonova AG, a hearing aid manyfacturer

Improving communicationSupport to deal with symptoms/disabilitiesSelf-monitoringTrackersInformation

Danish / Dutch / English / French / German / Italian / Norwegian / Portuguese / Spanish / Swedish

Cost: Free
Phonak is designed to help tinnitus sufferers find and create the sounds that work best to mask or suppress their tinnitus.
Phonak enables clients to choose sounds from the list of default sounds within the app:
• Soothing sounds such as a campfire, chimes, or sailing
• Background sounds such as the harbour, ocean, and rain
• Interesting sounds such as a blackbird, farmyard, or cicadas
Alternatively, users can also select sounds from their own smartphone music library. Clients can rate the effectiveness of each sound and review the overall ratings with their hearing care professional to optimize their sound plan.
Jess, information officer, Action on Hearing Loss |

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