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App aimed at Czech teenagers with Cystic Fibrosis to help them manage their condition.

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Czech Republic (plans to expand to other languages).




Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou
(Based in Czech Republic)


As developer, plus award winner in Roche-sponsored digital health competition Digi@med

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Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou


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The CF Hero app was designed by a Czech patient group to motivate teenagers with Cystic Fibrosis to stick with their treatments, to learn about the condition, and improve the efficiency of daily inhalation exercises. 

 Teenage users can:

  • Create a virtual character and play games relating to improving inhalation techniques, gaining rewards which open up new content which includes comics
  • Record treatment (therapy and physiotherapy), results and progress, and choose to share this with family or healthcare professionals.

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Reviewer: Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou, the patient group which developed the app

“Being a CF teenager: 

Young patients with CF often do not have enough information about their illness and how to effectively fight it. Growing up as a teenager is not an easy process by itself. For cystic fibrosis youngsters, there are even more challenges to tackle. This age of defiance takes its toll and usually brings decreasing therapy adherence.

Building good habits and improving adherence: 

Smartphones are more and more used in healthcare and self-management. The idea is to utilize the enormous potential for the target group which uses the smartphone extensively at every occasion. CF Hero focuses on building a long-term habit of daily exercises (inhalation and airway clearance). The mobile application enables good use of the playful design and psychological triggers to persuade teenagers to adhere to therapy willingly and so that they know why they should stick to it. It also helps to sideline the parents a bit as they very often play the role of a “watchdog” (as kids say) and transfer maximum responsibility onto the child.

 …By using gamification, CF Hero improves the commitment of young patients to treatment. Inhalation is a “game” for which virtual coins (little oxygens) are earned if the user sticks to the plan.

…The app collects data about inhalation therapy and physiotherapy (device, medicines and its doses, frequency) that can be further shared with healthcare practitioner who often doesn’t have regular feedback from the patient.

 …With earned virtual oxygen coins and fulfilled inhalation plan, the user can enter interesting and funny comics stories that show real-life or fictional situations linked to CF. The reward-like mechanism of achieving these stories aims to build long-term habits but also educate the user about different aspects of CF life in an entertaining way.”

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