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Carrot Rewards

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App rewarding Canadians through loyalty points for learning how to live more healthily

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Specific provinces in Canada with a nationwide roll-out planned




Carrot insights inc
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Include the Public Health Agency of Canada, and health agencies in British Colombia, Newfoundland Labrador and Ontario

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Carrot insights inc


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This lifestyle reward app is backed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and government in a number of Canadian provinces.

Patient organisation and charity partners supporting development of the app include:
. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
. Diabetes Canada
. YMCA of Canada.

The Carrot Rewards app is designed to deliver incentives in a way that builds people’s motivation to engage in healthy behaviors – so that they continue to engage in the behavior over the long-term.

The app addresses key lifestyle issues, including:
. healthy eating
. physical activity
. positive mental health
. immunization
. alcohol moderation
. tobacco cessation.

Carrot Rewards users can:
. Use the app to build knowledge and skills around how to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyle
. Completing surveys, quizzes and learning activities about how to lead healthier lives
. Be rewarded for their actions with loyalty points from their preferred participating loyalty partner.
. Convert their points into rewards including contributions to flights, hotels, movies, and fuel.

Available for:
. Iphone and ipad (IoS 9 or higher)
. Apple watch
. Android phones and tablets (Jellybean 4.3 or higher)

Following pilots and evaluation, the intention is to roll the app out across Canada, and expand its functionality.

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Reviewer: Patient organisation, Diabetes Canada
Review: “Through the Carrot Rewards app, which is being rolled out across the country, Canadians can earn rewards from loyalty programs like Aeroplan and Scene when the user performs tasks such as, filling out an easy online quiz on smoking cessation." Diabetes Canada is proud to have partnered in the development of the Carrot Rewards app.”
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Reviewer: YMCA Canada
Review: The Carrot Rewards App is dedicated to helping Canadians lead healthier lives by earning rewards for downloading the app and completing health-focused activities, like participating in quizzes, learning about how to live better and achieving daily walking targets.  
"YMCA Canada is proud to collaborate on this innovative approach to motivating Canadians to lead healthier, active lifestyles." 
- Peter Dinsdale, President and CEO of YMCA Canada
Usage: Not specified
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