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MicroHealth Hemophilia

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Helps people with haemophilia track their condition and report progress to their doctor.

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Helps people with haemophilia track their condition and report progress to their doctor. Allows infusions, bleeds, follow up, pictures, and lot numbers to be logged and tracked (barcodes of lots can be scanned). These records can be accessed anywhere. A PDF of a user’s log can be emailed to the doctor, or placed online at MicroHealth (where the doctor can view it). Profiles of dependents can be created. (The Spanish version is available in Android only.)

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Reviewer: Parent of a child with haemophilia
Review: "It allows me, as the parent of a child with haemophilia, to quickly log when my son has been infused, and not have to keep a paper trail to show his doctors. It also has a reminder function for me (should we be out of our normal routine) that helps us remember that it is an infusion day. The app also allows us to upload photos of bleeds, to be able to watch what they are doing, and gives us information in graph form about my son's annual bleed rate. Finally, all of this information is communicated to my son's doctors, so that they can see what his body is doing, as well as check his adherence to his infusion schedule, without having to be in the office. The only drawback for us is that our pharmacy will not use the app, so that we could take advantage of using it for our monthly refills."
Source: PatientView survey, November 2013
Usage: 21%-30%
Weblink of reviewer: -
Reviewer: ‘Thread of Red’ blog, Arizona Hemophilia Association
Review: "MicroHealth offers another way to track bleed data electronically: a cloud-based programme. It’s not exactly an app, because people without smartphones can use it. You set up a customised profile online, and then specify who receives the information you send—this gives you control of your personal health data. The programme sends you text messages asking questions (such as whether you’ve infused, or had a bleed). The answers you text back go into your profile, and can be reported to your healthcare team. Liz, whose three year-old son has severe hemophilia A with inhibitors, is an enthusiastic user of MicroHealth. “Between ITI and later, prophy, we were doing three infusions a day,” Liz explains. “I reached out to the MicroHealth team to help me set it up that way. They actually enhanced MicroHealth to fit my schedule perfectly.” Liz set up her profile online, and now just texts MicroHealth if she needs to record anything. “They remind me to log when the next dose is due. That’s an awesome feature.” She no longer uses paper and pencil for logging. And she is teaching her son how to use the programme."
Source: http://bit.ly/1fqJoZm
Usage: Not specified
Weblink of reviewer: http://bit.ly/1fqJnoe

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