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“OstoBuddy is a super good app that helps you keep track of your stoma equipment. It's simply built up by clicking on a small `plus’ in the corner of the app and adding your products. And afterwards you can keep an eye on how much you have used and when. 

When you add a new product, enter the brand name of the manufacturer, what type of product it is (plate, bag, etc.), model number, what amount of product you have when you bought it and when to have a reminder to buy new. 

Then you can enter and specify when using a new bag, sheet etc. and even write notes if you have a comment. All the products you added to the app will appear on a list. Then you just cross which product you use, and then the app keeps track of the day you changed and how much you've left. 

The app will even remind you when you are running out and stores contact information on the manufacturers so you can easily order new. All in all, OstoBuddy is really easy to use”

Stomiforeningen COPA (Danish Stoma patient association)
Source: http://bit.ly/2xYqaO6
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