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Manage My Pain Lite

Manage My Pain Lite
Free; 'Pro' version costs $3.99 [£2.99; approximately €2.93]
Nervous system and brain
Sub Category
Fibromyalgia Headache Migraine Pain Sports injuries 
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Support to deal with symptoms/disabilitiesSelf-monitoringTrackersInformation
“My number one, cream of the crop app for chronic pain sufferers is Manage My Pain. The app is basically a record-keeping tool for those in chronic pain, with free hosting of records on their servers to avoid losing data if your phone decides to throw a wobbler. I have used it for around 7 months now. At first, I had the free ‘Lite’ version, which became so handy that I needed up upgrade to the ‘Pro’ to allow myself the space for more records. Both levels of this app requires an account, but it is easily set up, and totally free to do. I found it very easy and uncomplicated to upgrade from Lite to Pro. The Pro version allows you to keep unlimited records of your pain, whereas the Lite version allows you ten at a time – which is do-able for the lighter user, or for someone who can really make the effort to blend reports a bit, to get the picture they need. I found it easier just to pay the extra to get the Pro version, and I’ve certainly got my money’s worth out of it. I would definitely recommend giving the free version a try, and seeing if it suits you. Sometimes, just being able to look at the timeline of results, and say “Well, x is obviously working”, helps you see the bigger picture of your pain when you’re struggling. Or if your pain is clearly increasing, it’s a visual record to show people who should be helping bring that level down – not just a tearful person turning up in A&E without ‘backup’ (as I have done). If I used this app to its full potential, and had a go with the reports section, I really think it could push my treatment forward, too.” Rise Above Pain blog, UK
Source: http://bitly.com/12xNEVj
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