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“Unlike many other alcohol-related apps that try to get their user to do the impossible task of logging down every drink on a night out, Spruce is the first which focuses on the frequency of drink throughout the week.”

“Spruce users choose a weekly goal of three consecutive days of no drinking, and choose which days they will be ‘dry’. The user is then given gentle reminders on their progression, allowing them to monitor their intake and given ideas of non-alcohol activities to engage in.

For many people it’s easy to fall into the habit of having a drink most nights. Drinking even small amounts frequently is unhealthy and can lead to liver disease. But taking just three consecutive days off a week can reduce the chances of liver damage. 

Three consecutive days is both achievable and beneficial; it helps people plan their week so that they can still socialise and have a drink if they want to, but are also aware that they need to take some time off drinking alcohol.

In our controlled test people who used Spruce were three times more likely (64%) to achieve three days dry than the control (23%).”

British Liver Trust, the UK patient organisation which developed the app
Source: http://bit.ly/2HI8VSa
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