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“BioRx Introduces a smartphone app for tracking haemophilia healthcare information. … “ ‘MyFactor’ is the first haemophilia app from a specialty pharmacy,” said Eric Hill, co-founder of BioRx. “This creates a unique platform for BioRx customers and staff to more efficiently communicate, exchange detailed treatment information, and helps both parties to anticipate and plan for future needs.” Today, the vast majority of people with bleeding disorders receive homecare pharmacy and infusion services to help manage their day-to-day care. In moderate-to-severe cases, patients typically self-infuse and receive monthly shipments of their clotting-factor medication and infusion supplies. Physician visits may not be frequent, but interaction with the pharmacy is routine. Keeping track of haemophilia bleeding episodes and treatments (as often as 3 or 4 times per week) can become a burden to patients and caregivers, especially over time; however, communicating these events is important to monitoring for potential joint damage from repeat bleeds, determining the need for dose adjustments, and diagnosing other issues that may impact health outcomes. Bleeding-disorder patients and caregivers can use a ‘wizard’-style graphical interface on MyFactor to log details of treatments and bleeding episodes–including type, cause, location, levels of pain and severity. A unique feature of the app gives users the option to scan the barcode of almost any brand of clotting factor in order to record its lot number. Maintaining a record of lot numbers is particularly important in the case of product recalls. MyFactor can also generate historical reports in PDF and CSV formats at the touch of a button–customised by date range, keyword or event type. Reports from the app can easily be shared with others by selecting email addresses from the iPhone contact list, while access to the app can be password-protected on the device itself. Additionally, patients can use MyFactor to set up regular infusion reminders and alerts, add detailed notes, switch between multiple user accounts, and attach photos to show active bleeds, range of motion, or other information that may be useful to the healthcare team.” CheckOrphan, Switzerland and USA
Source: http://bit.ly/1gghkXy
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