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Child Feeding Guide

Child Feeding Guide
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“Benefits are: It contains information on 5 common feeding pitfalls, in a WHAT, WHY, WHAT TO DO format. It explains the WHY a behaviour is occurring, which parents have said is really good and fills a gap in their knowledge. Many feeding resources currently do not explain the psychology and physiology around children's feeding behaviour. It explains not only WHAT to do, but with tangible, interactive tools to help. It allows parents to track their child's eating behaviour, but also their own well-being. This can be very useful for anxious parents who can become entrenched in feeding problems and not objectively see improvements. If parents learn healthier, more adaptive ways to feed their children, then the health of children will be improved. This is both in terms of what is eaten (increasing variety and liking fruit & veg) but also HOW it is eaten (less coercion so children are allowed to learn to regulate their own intake, something that is important in the battle against obesity). It represents a useful preventative resource, that can be used before weaning to educate parents on children's developmentally predictable responses to food, BEFORE problems occur. It's easy to use and an app may be a better medium to reach less engaged families/parents, than having them come and visit their health visitor. It's free to download, so available to all. Drawbacks are: the app does not deal with nutritional information e.g., how much carbs, protein etc a child has eaten / should eat per day.”

Review from the developer: a community of mothers at Loughborough University Centre for Research into Eating Disorders, UK
Source: PatientView Form, 2014
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